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An intimate, compelling,
jazz-odyssey of song, revised myths,
and contemporary story-telling.

"Oh, this just has to be danced."
— Waylene Carol, Art Agent

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Pulitzer Prize winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa and internationally acclaimed jazz singer Pamela Knowles 
join forces in this collection of thirteen original compositions produced and co-composed by Knowles.

“The forces of fate have brought the two masters of their respective fields together in a highly successful collaborative effort.

The songs recount old myths and contemporary storytelling in a form of modern jazz that brings the lyrics right up to here and now - and right into our lives.”

— Chicago Humanities Festival
“Soothing and invigorating modern jazz, never too far out but bursting
with color and sweetness all the same.
Smart and sharp, this is an excellent CD.” 

— Drum Media 

“Husky, mysterious, playful, clear, and swinging-
it’s Thirteen Kinds of engagement.” 

— Steve Raith, NPR

IncantationPamela Knowles
00:00 / 08:10

"They say
There are thirteen

Kinds of desire

One's lit by fire
All the others
Will break your heart

If you take away the fire

The ice burns beneath

The moon glow
Need ignites

Since I last saw you
It has come and gone
And I'm left alone Weighing right in one hand

And wrong in the other
A euphoria
At daybreak"

“It's brilliance is unmistakable. Knowles serves up perfectly some of the most arresting lyrics ever penned.” 

— Thomas Stauter, Fairfield County Weekly

03 MIRAGEPamela Knowles
00:00 / 05:37

"It was a night like this
All lit with indigo and mist Overlooking the midnight Seine

Or maybe it was at Le Vesinet
I think I saw her slowly
Walking her leopard Chiquita"

Mirage, A Tribute to Josephine Baker

"Neither codifies the status quo nor indulges in gibberish

but rather offers a rare glimpse into the terrible fire of experience. No one is writing like Yusef Komunyakaa today."   

— Library Journal 

Pamela Knowles  (bio)  and
Yusef Komunyakaa  
(bio)  ...

...met at a jazz festival in Sydney, Australia where they were both performing. 

While backstage, Knowles heard Komunyakaa recite his poetry backed by a jazz pianist, and was inspired to take her music in a new direction.

Knowles asked Komunyakaa to meet for coffee, and the two did so regularly over the next six weeks. They spoke about jazz, art, and life — their conversations becoming poetry in the hands of Komunyakaa and lyrics in the mouth of Knowles. This unexpected collaboration became "Thirteen Kinds of Desire".

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"Her voice is like an expensive glass of wine — full-bodied, complex, and delicious."
— Time Off




Flying High


Joie De Vivre


A Grown Woman's Love


Satyrs and Dryads


Shake On Shake


Styling for the Let Down

“I am stunned and grateful for this collection,
which anchors poetry in song, song in passion,

and passion in our humanity.” 

– Margaret Gibson, Professor of English - University of Connecticut
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