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Through individual coaching and group work, singers will learn within the context of a workshop which will include rehearsing with a jazz pianist and bass player.

Jazz Vocal Performance

For those who love to sing jazz, this popular course provides the skills needed to cultivate alignment, awareness, and presence - the ingredients of a healthy, sustainable, authentic, embodied voice, whether you choose to become a professional singer or not. You will discover your full potential and gain the solid grounding necessary for a professional approach to performing - and have fun along the way!

Using jazz standards students will learn the basics of:

  • Voice production - technique to free your natural singing voice and to develop your range 

  • Breathing, relaxation and alignment

  • Intonation, dynamics and projection

  • Improvisation, scatting and grooving

  • Building a jazz repertoire

  • Stage presence and audience communication

  • Beginning, building and ending a song

  • Rehearsing with musicians

  • Microphone technique

  • Creating and communicating the dynamics of a song

  • Connecting with musicians and the audience, and enjoying it

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